Innovative Technologies

We partner with farmers and conservation professionals to identify and expand the adoption of technologies and management tools that protect water quality and provide multiple benefits on farms where they are deployed, including increased profits, saved time, and expanded resilience to extreme weather events.

Currently, our innovative technology priorities are soil health, manure injection, nutrient management, and manure-to-energy. You can learn more about each area of our work, below.


Soil Health [click to learn more] | One of the best ways to protect water quality may be to focus on functioning farm soils.
Manure Injection [click to learn more] | This technology improves manure nutrient use efficiency and therefore water quality.
Nutrient Management [click to learn more] | Focusing on the best methods of fertilizing crops will reduce runoff into surface waters.
Manure to Energy [click to learn more] | Using natural farm byproducts we hope to reduce operational expenses and prevent waste from running off.