Manure to Energy

Sustainable Chesapeake has been a leader in bringing manure to energy technologies to the Chesapeake.

With our Farm Manure-to-Energy Initiative funders and partners, we worked with poultry growers throughout the Chesapeake Bay region to demonstrate and evaluate the performance of thermal manure-to-energy technologies. These technologies use excess poultry litter as a fuel to provide heat for poultry housing or electricity for the grid. Nutrients are concentrated in the resulting ash or biochar and can be transported long-distances, cost-effectively, to fields where additional phosphorus fertilizer is needed. Participating farms are located in “phosphorus hotspots” of the Chesapeake Bay where the land application of manure contributes to the highest phosphorus loading rates in the watershed. For more information on the Farm Manure-to-Energy Initiative, including a comprehensive report on the project results, visit the clearinghouse website developed to serve as an information sharing platform about thermal manure-to-energy systems. This video features two of our farm partners and provides a synopsis of the project:

Control Panel

Mark Rohrer stands by a control panel for a poultry litter-fueled, manure-to-energy system installed on his poultry farm in Strasburg, PA