Our Mission

Sustainable Chesapeake’s mission is to cultivate prosperity through innovative solutions that benefit farms, communities, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Our Focus

At Sustainable Chesapeake, we understand that ideal environmental solutions make good business sense.  We apply this principle to the most difficult pollution source in the Chesapeake Bay region – nonpoint source pollution –runoff that flows from the land to streams and rivers when it rains.

Our Approach

At Sustainable Chesapeake, we know a lot about water quality, soil science, nutrient management, and manure treatment technologies, but we are not farmers.  There are many things we don’t know about agricultural food production systems.  In our experience, the most successful solutions arise from collaborative partnerships that encourage stakeholders to bring their unique experience and knowledge to the table.    Using the collaborative model, we work to support regional multi-stakeholder partnerships, build productive teams, and develop projects that demonstrate how restoring the Chesapeake Bay can also achieve farm, business, and community goals.

Our Organization

Sustainable Chesapeake is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We are governed by a board of directors with decades of combined experience in organizational leadership, business management, agriculture, and water quality.